Gangsta Hoody

Gangsta Hoody
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This hoody is specially reserved for those naughty dogs that want to be the Godfather!!

The hoody is fleeced lined and has the drawstring hood.

Available in sizes Small to Superdog2

Size Guide

Small Chest: 15.5''(203mm)
Length: 9''(228mm)
Breed Guidelines: Chuhahua
Medium Chest: 18''(465mm)
Length: 12''(305mm)
Breed Guidelines: Yorkshire
Large Chest: 22''(508mm)
Length: 14''(355mm)
Breed Guidelines: Bichon
X Large Chest: 25''(635mm)
Length: 16''(406mm)
Breed Guidelines: Cocker
XX Large Chest: 28''(711mm)
Length: 18.5''(470mm)
Breed Guidelines: Staffy
Superdog Chest: 28''(711mm)
Length: 20''(508mm)
Breed Guidelines: Boxer
Superdog 1 Chest: 30''(762mm)
Length: 22''(558mm)
Breed Guidelines: Labrador
Superdog 2 Chest: 34''(864mm)
Length: 25''(635mm)
Breed Guidelines: Great